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5 Bootstrap Password Strength Meter/Complexity Demos

How secure are your users passwords? Obviously online accounts are more secure when they use stronger passwords. Help them out using this collection of 5 Bootstrap Password Strength Meter/Complexity Demos – Tell them how bad their password is! :) 1. Strong.Pass.JS – Password Meter Checks…

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HoneyPot Captcha

Interesting Idea for a Captcha, this is how it works. Create a honeypot form field that should be left blank and then use CSS to hide it from human users, but not bots. The bot will fill in the input thinking it’s a proper field…

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10 jQuery CAPTCHA Plugins

10 jQuery CAPTCHA Plugins to help you protect your website/blog forms from spammers and bots. CAPTCHA is designed to recognize the difference between a bot and human and sometimes even malicious software to provide the security to your system. If you want to prevent the…

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jQuery Strip Harmful Characters from String

jQuery Function to strip out all potentially harmful characters from an input field. Useful for extra security measures of filtering requests to your server before using AJAX for example. Also see: 10 jQuery Security Plugins

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10 jQuery Security Plugins

How secure is your password? If you are confident enough that no hacker can break your pass codes then you might have to think again. Below are some tutorials that you might want to learn to secure you passwords. Be safe! Related posts: Hide Your…

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