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5 Bootstrap Password Strength Meter/Complexity Demos

How secure are your users passwords? Obviously online accounts are more secure when they use stronger passwords. Help them out using this collection of 5 Bootstrap Password Strength Meter/Complexity Demos – Tell them how bad their password is! :) 1. Strong.Pass.JS – Password Meter Checks…

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Copy Clipboard with CodeColorer Syntax Highlighter

Ok so here’s some code I used to add the copy to clipboard to the code snippets on this blog. This follows on from jQuery copy clipboard 4 options post which has a few options. The demo for this is on this page. This option…

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jQuery Wheel of Fortune Demo

Just a quick demo of a the Wheel of Fortune. Random spin animating wheel of fortune with win/lose realize. Note: For better testing of the demo below open it in jsfiddle. Requirements: jQuery Transit.js Demo Code The Code – jQuery window.WHEELOFFORTUNE = {    …

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jQuery reverse array of DOM elements

Quick jQuery code snippet a bit like jQuery.each backwards I suppose. Could come in handy to loop through elements backwards. $($("li").get().reverse()).each(function() { /* … */ });

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Input Text Selection Code Snippets

Just building up a collection of input selection code snippets. The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox use the .setSelectionRange() function. Don’t forget Firefox needs focus first on an element before you can set the range. See Input.setSelectionRange. Related post: HTML5 Input Autofocus Get Cursor…

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