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JavaScript to validate email address using a regex

This is a code snippet for basic JavaScript to validate email address using a regular expression. See fvor help on how to use regular expressions with jQuery. You can also load the code in jsfiddle below. Update 12/05/13: Separated into versions for testing. Version 1…

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js code snippet to open a popup window

Nothing special just some JavaScript code snippet to open a popup window.     W = window,     D = document;     //set the window to widgets dimensions     var winH = 400, //allow for window padding and header      …

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jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3 popout scale effects

Documenting some useful jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3 popout scale effects code snippets. Hopefully will be useful for someone. jQuery IE Compatiable scale transition effect The problems of solving cross browsers transition effects is sometimes like following a long yellow brick road. CSS Only – works in…

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Using Hash Urls with jQuery Example

Many modern web apps these days use hash urls to add uniqueness (like a page tag, section, action etc…) to a page without refreshing it youn can identify it. This is following on from Getting Url Parameters Using jQuery to pass dynamic data to the…

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Update images with a specific src (relative path) with absolute path

jQuery code snippet to update images with a domain name, turning it from a relative path into an absolute path. Sometimes useful when testing across domains with the same static content or pulling images from an external domain. (function ($) {     $(document).ready(function ()…

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