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jQuery Dynamically Add Form Elements

How to dynamically add form elements using jQuery/JavaScript. This is useful when the DOM has already loaded and you need to add an extra input field say, based upon a users action or selection. You can create any new form elements not just input fields….

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jQuery Get Length of Webpage

jQuery code snippet to get the length (height) of a web page. var webpage = $("body"); var webpage_height = webpage.height(); alert(webpage_height); Note you can also use: $(document).height() or $(window).height() instead of body selector.

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jQuery Detect % Scrolled on Page

jQuery code snippet to create an event action when a user has scrolled down to a percentage of the web page. We have tested that it’s best to use values between 55 and 100% when catching mouse scrolls. $(document).ready(function(){ //Example – show a div after…

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jQuery Check Browser Version

Use jQuery to check your browser version in just a few lines of code you can optimise code for different browsers such as Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome and more. The jQuery functions jQuery.Browser() and jQuery.Browser.Version() do all the hard work for us! Here is how…

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jQuery Loop through JSON Data

jQuery code snippet to loop through JSON data properties. You have an array of objects/maps so the outer loop loops through those. The inner loop loops through the properties on each object element. Update: Check this post for 5 in depth examples of jQuery.each(). $.each(data,…

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