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jQuery toUpperCase/toLowerCase Example

JavaScript code snippet to convert text to UpperCase and to LowerCase. Simple Example provided for your amusements – shows case changes for form value form inputs. See: The jQuery titleCaps Function jQuery(’form’).submit(function() {     jQuery(’input#value’).val(function(i, val) {           return val.toUpperCase();…

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jQuery Detect and Hide Broken Images

jQuery code snippet to either display a default image for those that are broken or detect and hide all broken images. Hide all those red crosses! ;) // Replace source $(’img’).error(function(){         $(this).attr(’src’, ‘missing.png’); }); // Or, hide them $("img").error(function(){    …

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Delay AJAX call for X seconds

jQuery code snippet to delay AJAX call for X seconds. Could be used for events that require action before getting data from the server side via AJAX. Update: There is an easier way to do this by using setTimeout() function – See below for an…

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jQuery Back Button (go to previous page)

jQuery/JavaScript code snippet to simulate a back button based on the users last web page. $(document).ready(function(){     $(’a.back’).click(function(){         parent.history.back();         return false;     }); });

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jQuery Change Hyperlink Attribute Values

Sometimes it can be time consuming to change hyperlinks on a page. Never fear! jQuery to the rescue! Here is some jQuery code to change the attribute values for hyperlinks on a web page. Link attribute: “name”, “id”, “class”, “target”, “href”. $(document).ready(function(){     $(function(){…

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