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jQuery Insert alphabetically into a List

This function will insert items into an order alphabetically (assuming it contains letters). Initially design to make a smooth single page load/save feature that sorted everything in drop down lists, you guessed it, alphabetically. Can simply be modified to work in any sort of layout…

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jQuery Get Current Year (Dynamic Footer/Copyright)

JavaScript code snippet to automatically insert the correct year into your footer (so you don’t have to update it ever again!). Example: Copyright © 2011 Copyright &amp;copy; <script type="text/javascript">     var dteNow = new Date();     var intYear = dteNow.getFullYear();     document.write(intYear);…

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jQuery AutoScroll to Div (specific page element)

jQuery code snippet to autoScroll to a div or any page element with an id. Just change the jQuery selector “mydiv” with whatever element id you wish. function scroll_to(div){     $(’html, body’).animate({         scrollTop: $("mydiv").offset().top     },1000); }

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jQuery Center Web Page (Vertical and Horizontal)

jQuery code snippet to jQuery Center Web Page or any element both vertically and horizontally. Could be used with an event function to center a Web Page on screen at all times even when the window is resized. jQuery.fn.center = function() {   this.css("position", "absolute");…

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jQuery Equalize Column Heights

Simple jQuery code snippet to make your column heights equal. // Equalize column heights var tallest = 0; $(’#list, #of, #elements’) .each(function(){     var thisHeight = $(this).outerHeight();     if (thisHeight > tallest) tallest = thisHeight; }) .css({     ‘overflow’: ‘auto’,    …

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