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JavaScript oAuth Popup Window Handler Code

This is a useful JavaScript function to create an oAuth popup window which isn’t blocked by web browsers (unless using a popup blocker) and can be monitored with a callback to authenticate through oAuth just like most popular social networks allow. Demo jQuery Twitter Widget

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10 Best jQuery Social Bookmark Plugins

Due to the growing popularity of social networking sites everybody wants to grow their traffic using something social whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Blogoola? Social bookmarking has been playing a big role for sure. So we thought we would share you what we think…

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jQuery Display LinkedIn Connections

This is how you can quickly load your LinkedIn connections into nice thumbnail links using some jQuery and the LinkedIn API. Check out the demo below. Note: You’ll also need to include your API key from LinkedIn which you can get from the LinkedIn Developer…

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JavaScript Twitter Search API Example

Today, I wanted to use the Public Twitter Search API and grab the latest 5 tweets tagged “jquery4u”. Here is how you can do it yourself. Update 09/10/13: Twitter search API is deprecated.

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10 Helpful jQuery Plugins to Incorporate Twitter into Blog/Website

We all know that Twitter has been one of the most popular and prevailed social network all over the world for communication and discussions online. Bringing Twitter into your site will help you to attract visitors and advertise your content and the easiest way to…

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