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4 HTML5 & jQuery Preloading Plugins/Scripts

Here are a few HTML5 & jQuery Preloading plugins/scripts to bring better user experience to your HTML5 web apps. The plugins/scripts load text content, images, backgrounds, video, audio etc… from your static assets and/or linked CSS stylesheets. Enjoy! Related Posts: 10 jQuery Preload Image Plugins…

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Web App Image Preloading Setup in 2mins

Preload your Web App resources for speed. Trust me it works and takes like 2mins to implement. Modern browsers will cache you assets once loaded by the plugin so it’s only really used on initial load (see screenshots below). No more streaking images loading in…

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Require.js Example – Setup Time 2 Minutes

Setup Require.js in just 2 minutes. or download the code below and have it already working. I’ve added some better screenshots below of require.js in action. View project on GitHub What is Require.js? RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader. It is optimized for…

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jQuery: The Performance of DOM caching

I decided to test the performance of DOM caching in a basic JavaScript namespacing pattern which I use quite a lot when coding on a day to day basis. Update 10/04/2013: I’ve added some basic logic into the loops. Updated jsfiddle, Updated jsperf. You could…

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Speed Question jQuery.each vs. for loop

Quick point. It might be beneficial to mention that we are using vanilla for loops instead of jQuery.each for speed (up to 84% faster). Using a for loop with variable caching produces even faster results jsperf – each vs for. jQuery.each $.each(a, function() {  …

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