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7 Amazing jQuery Tricks

Once again, I’ve gathered some of the useful jQuery tips and tricks for you to see how great jQuery can be. Here they are: 1. Preloading Images With this trick you could preload images in JavaScript before using them. jQuery.preloadImages = function() {  for(var i…

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Get GeoLocation using jQuery (API) GeoPlugin

jQuery offers a great way to find out where your website visitors geographic location. With a simple jQuery GeoLocation API call you find out your website viewers Country, Region & City. You can also find out thier Longitude and Latitude values to hook upto Google…

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Dynamic Image Map Based on Pixel Colour

So today I created a html image map which creates dynamic links based on the color of the pixel that the user clicked. The reason for creating this was because the map was a vector map of the world and as you know all countries have…

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How To Setup jQuery in 3 Easy Steps

What is jQuery? and how can I start using it? 3 Easy Steps! These instructions are to help all you jQuery newbies out there who might be using jQuery for the first time and are wondering “how do I set jQuery up?”. Well there are…

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Top 8 jQuery Tips and Tricks

Here are some cool tips and tricks for jQuery. There are a lot of things that can be done with this wise javascript library like resizing of fonts, disabling right clicks and more. You can also do custom coding of jQuery and do amazing scripts…

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