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10+ jQuery Image Sprite Plugins & Tutorials

Today we are sharing you our collection of 10+ jQuery Image Sprite Plugins and Tutorials. With these plugins it is now possible to create a powerful animations and effects. Very useful for those who wants to create any animated stuff like game characters etc. 1….

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Best 10 jQuery API Tutorials

Today is a list of what we think the best jQuery Application Programming Interface (or jQuery API) plugin tutorials and we thought we would share it with you as we found some of them very useful! 1. Google Maps Slider with jQuery I found the…

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10 Cool jQuery WordPress Plugins and Tutorials

Wordpress has an extensive userbase that creates plugins the reason why it has been the standard platform across blogging community. However, by default, its features are a bit plain and static so we thought we would come up with some cool jQuery WordPress plugins and…

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Custom CSS Buttons & jQuery Events Tutorial

A website that has an original look stands out from the rest. CSS buttons therefore are important. Perhaps they are even trivial to implement using basic CSS and jQuery events. However, creating any high-quality work requires a thorough examination of the ingredients. This tutorial is…

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jQuery Profile Picture Grabber Plugin

What is it? jQuery Profile Picture Grabber Plugin can grab your profile picture from your favourite social networks which can be a huge time saver alternative to uploading a picture when setting a profile picture for a web application or registering on a website.

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