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Turn off cache in FireFox when your Testing

Just a quick tip for those out there that keep doing “Clear Browser Cookies, Cache, Everything…” you can turn it off completely in Firefox while your doing development and testing. METHOD 1: in settings I add Here’s how to disable FireFox’s browser cache completely.

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10 Cool jQuery with PHP Plugins

Today check out these cool jQuery and PHP plugins and learn how to create some cool effects with the simple and decent tutorials below. Have fun! Related Posts: Easy Captcha Setup Using jQuery/AJAX/PHP jQuery to PHP via AJAX using JSON 1. ezEditTable – Enhance Html…

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6 Awesome Game Development Tutorials with jQuery

Who says learning isn’t fun?! It’s pretty amazing at how fast people can learn certain technologies. That’s why today, we are sharing you some awesome “jQuery-based” Game Development Tutorials. I’m sure you will have fun as always! Related Posts: 10 Cool jQuery Developed Games Awesome…

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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your jQuery

Today I thought I would share, a quick 5 tips to improve your jQuery. Enjoy. 1. Familiarise yourself with some common jQuery Errors There is a post on the blog I update with heaps of jQuery errors, what caused them and solutions to the Common…

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jQuery Keep Element in View When Scrolling

Quick jQuery code snippet on how to keep an element in view. For demo scroll down on any page on the blog and see ads on right sidebar ads, they remain inview as you scroll down the page. Then go back to normal view when…

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