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20 Interesting Web Dev Finds – MAY 2013 (Part 2/2)

Some cool web development stuff was found last month, here are the finds. And as promised here’s the part 2 of our Interesting Web Dev Finds for the month of May! Have fun :) Interesting Web Finds – MAY 2013 Part I Mobile Boilerplate It…

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My Top 5 for Generating Modern Web Apps/Templates/Libraries

Today’s post is a list of 5 tools which will improve your speed in creating new projects, proof of concepts and prototypes. Most of them you probably heard of before so this post is probably targeted towards the developer who is just started out –…

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Interesting JS and Web Dev August 2012

A list of really interesting JavaScript Web Development as of August 2012. You can find in this collection some of the coolest creations using JavaScript you may have not used before. Have fun! Related Posts: July 2012 Edition June 2012 Edition May 2012 Edition Blogger…

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