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Beautify Your jQuery Code Using beautify.js

It can be very time consuming to make your jQuery code neat and tidy. Fortunately, there are online tools and heaps of plugins that can automate this task for us. I recently had the need to generate JavaScript/jQuery code dynamically and thus it comes through…

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2 Options to Show All JavaScript on Page

Here are 2 options to quickly view all the JavaScript used on a web page. Could come in handy when trying to find event handlers or specific code without searching through individual files. Option 1: Bookmarklet – A bookmarklet (drag it to your bookmarks) by…

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Using jQuery to Test New Website Fonts

This is a neat little script I found which lets you preview live new font’s for your website using jQuery Font Dragr. Could be useful if your showing a client what various fonts look like, or for just everyday font test for website. Enjoy. Instructions…

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10 Tips to Master the Firebug Console

Here are some tips so you can start owning that Firebug Console! If you don’t know what the Firebug Console is then here then start here: What is Firebug and how to set it up. Tip 1 – How to Hide Annoying Errors Firebug has…

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10 Forum Applications, Addons and Extensions

Despite the rise of social networking many of us are still into discussion forums. Suppose you have your own website, discussion forums are a great way of ensuring active participation from your site’s visitors. We’ve collected some free open-source forum install applications, scripts and add-ons…

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