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10 Tips for developing with jQuery in Notepad++

Notepad++ had always been my favourite free editor for coding with JavaScript ever since I can remember. Here are some tips I have picked up while developing with Notepad++. 1. Quick compare code using Notepad++ This feature is great for finding out quickly what code…

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10 Free Desktop Apps for Managing Code Snippets

Lets face it, copying and pasting pieces of code into text files etc is disorganized and a waste of time. Here we’ve collected 10 FREE amazing desktop apps for managing your code snippets. These applications will make your development life much easier, so start checking…

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WireShark – go deep! (HTTP Request Analysis)

Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows. I have only brushed the surface with this tool so far but it comes in handy when performing analysis on http requests between your machine and others on the network.

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How to Analyse HTTP Requests using Net Panel, HTTP Fox & Fiddler2

It is essential to any web developer to understand HTTP requests and be able to analyse which files are loaded when a web page is loaded. For example, say a web page is loading really slow and you want to know why! Yes, we’ve all…

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10 jQuery Utilities for a Smashing Website

Web designers have been creating and designing a whole lot of widgets and utilities to make a website more appealing. Here, we have collected the some of the best jQuery Utilities that will help every web designer and web master to build a beautiful yet…

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