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jQuery Regular Expression Tester

Install Firefox add-on “Regular Expressions Tester” it’s great! It uses the same engine as the Firefox browser so if it works in the tester you can rest assured it will work in the browser.

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15 jQuery Utility Plugins

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the complex tasks and bustle is done with just a small piece of code? Then these become your true desire Utilities jQuery. Check out these wonderful jQuery utilities to help you perform all jobs in demand in a heartbeat….

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jQuery on Screen Keyboard Plugin

This has moved here: jQuery On-Screen Keyboard Hi guys, I’ve stumbled across a pretty cool on-screen keyboard plugin which uses jQuery to display a keyboard on screen when the user clicks an input field. It is fully customisable where you can change the layout of…

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Easy Guide to Install and Use Firebug

Hi guys, I thought I’d write a quick post on how to use Firebug and FireQuery to see and debug your jQuery code (at the same time as HTML/CSS etc) and also inject live code into webpages to test jQuery effects. In this post I…

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Make Your jQuery Code Look Pretty

Ok so I was looking online for a decent tool that could sort out my jQuery script to make it “look pretty” because I coded it pretty fast and hate messy code! I usually use good old Notepad++ and go to TextFX > TextFX Edit…

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