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jquery validate date of birth format dd-mm-yy

jquery validation for dob to specific format ie dd-mm-yy $.validator.addMethod("dateFormat",     function(value, element) {         return value.match(/^\d\d?-\d\d?-\d\d$/);     },     "Please enter a date in the format dd-mm-yyyy."); And then on your form add: $(’#myForm’)     .validate({  …

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5 Good jQuery Validate Form Demos

There are heaps of form validation plugins out there at the moment. So today we are sharing you what we think are 5 really Good jQuery Validate Form Demos. jQuery powered ofcourse! Enjoy =) Also see: BASIC JQUERY FORM VALIDATION EXAMPLE (2MINS) 1. jQuery Validation…

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jQuery Group DOB Rules Form Validation

If you have more than 1 field which you want to validate as a group and not display 3 separate validation messages (such as date of birth, address etc…) this is how you can do it! Group your validation rules into 1 Validation Message, great…

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Easy jQuery AJAX PHP Captcha – 2 minute setup

Setup a working AJAX Captcha in minutes. This is for when you need a super quick Captcha for a form with no pain of unreadable reCaptcha’s or such. It’s NOT a super hard to guess Captcha system it just provides a very basic captcha which…

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