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100 Best jQuery Plugins of Year 2013 (part 1/5)

jQuery 4u Author Sam Deering

Counting down from 100, here is what we think are the best jQuery plugins on 2013. Here are the best jquery plugins 2013 numbers 100-80 entries. Note: Some older plugins may be featured if they have had a major upgrade in 2013. Part 2 (80…

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10 New Cool Random jQuery Plugins

In this post is another collection of 10 New Cool Random jQuery Plugins. Really worth checking out! Enjoy =) 1. CircleType JS A tiny (2.7kb) jQuery plugin that lets you set type on a circle. Source + Demo 2. jQuery Selectric A jQuery plugin designed…

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Engage Your Customers with Product Images That Stand Out

Within the average online store, recent reports have confirmed that consumers strongly believe that the quality level of a product image is more important than the product-specific details, description, and customer reviews about that product, according to MDG Advertising. Since your online customers are not…

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The Online Shopping Cart Of Avactis

The Internet has taken the world by a storm, hasn’t it? Today you have online libraries, online databases, online e-books, online diaries and online shopping stores. The popularity of websites like Amazon, eBay and iTunes is evidence of the fact that people love online shopping…

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10 Interesting Web Dev Finds – DECEMBER 2013 (Part 2)

Some pretty cool web development stuff was found in December! Here is the second part for this month. Have fun! =) Here was the first part if you missed it! :) 1. Lineman.js A command-line utility that is hyper-focused on helping web developers build first-class…

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