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5 New Touch Enabled jQuery Plugins 2014

It’s always nice if we can flick through content on our mobile devices, this is why we are giving you our list of 5 New Touch Enabled jQuery Plugins 2014 you would like to try. They are simple to use, fully responsive and touch enabled….

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10+ Interesting Web Development Finds March 2014

Some interesting web development stuff was found in March 2014. Here are the finds. =) Also see: FEBRUARY 2014 Finds 1. Prerender.io Allow your Javascript apps to be crawled perfectly by search engines. SourceDemo 2. REUSABLE D3 CHARTS AND COMPONENTS reD3 is a collection of…

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10 New Random jQuery Plugins March 2014

Here is a collection of 10 New Random jQuery Plugins March 2014 we thought we would share! Icon picker is quite cool. Enjoy. =) 1. gifPauseXtrem A tiny jQuery plugin to Pause animated GIFs SourceDemo 2. jQuery Time Entry A jQuery plugin that sets an…

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jQuery Quiz Questions 11-20

Following on from jQuery Quiz Questions 1-10 here are questions 11-20. Hopefully you might learn something new about jQuery you didn’t know before. Once more if you find any mistakes please feel free to leave a comment with corrections. Enjoy! Question 11 Which of the…

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10 jQuery Responsive Demos

In this post is a collection of 10 jQuery Responsive Demos you may find very interesting! Help yourself and check them out.. Enjoy! ;) Also see: 5 jQuery Responsive Fullscreen Background Image Plugins 30 jQuery Responsive Layout Plugins 1. Flexisel The responsive image carousel with…

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