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Make Entire Div Clickable

Simple jQuery code snippet to make a div element into a hyperlink so that the user can click anywhere inside and be directed to the link href. $(".myBox").click(function(){      window.location=$(this).find("a").attr("href");      return false; });

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jQuery Simple Characters Counter

jQuery code snippet to show a live count of the number of characters that a user is inputting into the input field on a page. jQuery Code $(document).ready(function() {     $("input[id='input-text']").keyup(function count(){         counter = $("input[id='input-text']").val().length;          …

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Awesome jQuery Magnifier Plugin – ZOOMY

Hey guys, i stumbled upon this awesome image magnifying zoom plugin which lets you zoom images on a webpage using your mouse like a magnifying glass. You simply click on the image to activate the zoom and then just hover your mouse over the image….

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jQuery Check if Function Exists Example

jQuery code snippet to check whether a function exists within the JavaScript code. This can be easily achieved by using the jQuery.isFunction() function. Useful for checking if a jQuery function exists before calling it! <script type="text/javascript">     function somenoobfunction() {     }  …

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jQuery Check if an Element Exists

jQuery code snippet to check whether a html element exists on the current web page. The easiest way i’ve found to do this is to check the length of an object to see if it exists in the DOM. //check if an element exists by…

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