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jQuery Find Highest Z-Index on Page

jQuery code snippet find the highest z-index of absolute divs. Useful for making a new element appear absolutely at the top of all html elements. //include jQuery.js —  visit: http://jquery.com/ $(function(){     var maxZ = Math.max.apply(null,$.map($(’body > *’), function(e,n){          …

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jQuery Konami Code Listener

jQuery code snippet that listens for entry of a Japanese Konami code and then performs your desired action. if ( window.addEventListener ) {     var kkeys = [], konami = "38,38,40,40,37,39,37,39,66,65";     window.addEventListener("keydown", function(e){         kkeys.push( e.keyCode );    …

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jQuery Set Default Input Values From Labels

jQuery code snippet to loop through a set of inputs and for each of them set the value to the associated label and then hide the label from view. $.fn.labelHide = function(){     return this.each(function(){         var current = $(this);  …

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jQuery Sharing between Parents and iFrames (inherit.js)

Used to share between a single instance of jQuery through iFrames. Do note, the iFrame content must originate from the same domain, or this plugin will NOT work as expected. Download Page /*!  * jQuery iFrame Inheritance  *  * Copyright (c) 2009 Eric Garside (http://eric.garside.name)…

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Why is IE running jQuery ready twice?

I ran into this problem while developing a jQuery plugin and was testing it on IE7 (don’t ask). I was thinking… why the hell is IE running my jQuery code twice! I knew it was because i had an alert statement and it was being…

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