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10 Useful jQuery Snippets

Nowadays, jQuery is far the most favorite Javascript framework of many developers. Through jQuery they will be able to create stunning visual effects, manipulate data, etc. You had been probably in my other posts before so I won’t explain much from what are the benefits…

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jQuery Windows 7 Style Website

Windows Aero for jQuery is a free plugin which can be easily integrated into any website. This is an awesome jQuery find! It’s windows 7 built into a browser which uses jQuery to function, animate and control the behaviour of page elements just like Windows…

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8 jQuery Great Accordions

Today, jQuery4u has listed a set of 8 visually pleasing jQuery accordions that can be put up into different uses and needs. 1. VM Accordion Source 2. Urban Gray Source 3. Glossy Accordion Source 4. Accordion Script Source 5. Arrow Side Menu Source 6. Bullet…

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jQuery :Contains() Selector Examples

It can be written as words or inside parentheses for example this contains function finds all the divs containing the word “jquery4u” and underlines it. $("div:contains(‘jquery4u’)").css("text-decoration", "underline"); Advanced example jQuery :Contains() Example 2 For this example this contains function finds all the paragraphs containing the…

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Google Moderator jQuery Questions

Hi guys, I’ve created a series on Google Moderator for designers which you can vote for what jQuery tutorial you would like to see on the blog. At the end of each month we will pick the highest voted one on the list and create…

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