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Replace String Characters in JavaScript

There are two ways of looking at this one: Replace characters in a string INSIDE THE JAVASCRIPT CODE Replace characters in a string INSIDE THE HTML OF THE WEB PAGE Replace String Inside JavaScript Code str = str.replace("find","replace") Replace String Inside HTML of Web Page…

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7 jQuery Plugins to Beautify Browser Issues

Make your web designs more attractive on different internet browsers using these jQuery plugins. 1. CROSS BROWSER TEXT-SHADOW This is a very neat CSS3 Text-shadow that allows you to display shadow behind your text in a nice way. Source 2. PAGE PEEL Have your web…

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2011 Premium jQuery Plugins

jQuery4u brings you the finest jQuery plugins from around the world. Now in this year 2011, we’ve made a selection of the newest and the fanciest jQuery plugins available. Enjoy! 1. Moleskine Notebook Swipe a book using your mouse and see the brilliant effect of…

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Simple App Creation Using jQuery Mobile

Introduction jQuery has successfully reached the world of mobile phones. It’s called jQuery Mobile, It’s incredibly easy to use, you just have to include the jQuery Mobile files in your header and add few data attributes to your markup and you’re all set. All styling…

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10 jQuery Cute Plugins

Make your web designs cute and functional with these selection of cute jQuery plugins. 1. Skype like button Skype is widely used in our world today. This plugin helps you to create a button that looks exactly the same in the skype. See live Demo…

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