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7 Basic jQuery Goodness

We’ve gone further to the possible things that we could get from jQuery. Now, what we’re going to do is to honor the lighter side of jQuery, we’re going to discuss some of the easy jQuery plugins that would probably still catch your interest in…

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Top 10 jQuery Form Selection

In the world of web developing, the form is considered one of the most important parts of a website. It is widely used for interaction between you and your web page visitors. jQuery can help enhance this. Once again, I’ve gathered a set of 10…

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New jQuery4u Forum Launch!

Hi guys, Need help with jQuery problem? Having jQuery coding problems? need to solve a jQuery issue? Don’t stress yourself out! Ask one of our jQuery experts! We have recently launched our new jQuery Forum! In the forum you can: Ask jQuery Questions (ie coding…

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Different ways jQuery.Alert() can be used

what is .alert() Sometimes you need to go back to basics and use the .alert() function is jQuery to see what the hell a variable is or check if your JavaScript is actually working at all?! Probably one of the most underated functions but certainly…

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Lock/Freeze Web Page using jQuery

This tutorial show you how to set a jQuery timer for your web page to lock the interface for a specified length of time. In this example when a user clicks to open a website, it opens in another window/tab and the original webpage is…

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