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jQuery Form Wizard

I’ve stumbled accross an awesome jQuery Form Wizard. It slides to different views to enter different groups of information with various types of input fields. See Demo Source: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex16/formwizard.htm

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Dynamic Image Map Based on Pixel Colour

So today I created a html image map which creates dynamic links based on the color of the pixel that the user clicked. The reason for creating this was because the map was a vector map of the world and as you know all countries have…

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10 Useful jQuery Extensions

I have been doing searches for jQuery extensions and I’ve stumbled upon different websites that has great jQuery extensions. I’ve collected some of them that has a great feedback and reviews so here they are, enjoy! 1. FOGLOADER This is a jQuery UI theme based…

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jQuery Extensions – FireQuery

Easy Guide to Install and Use Firebug Introduction: If you’re a web designer or a developer, you probably had the chance to meet the famous firefox plugin called Firebug. To give you glimpse on what is Firebug, it’s a Firefox plugin that helps developers to…

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10 jQuery Browser Tweakers

Tweaking a browser is not a different task for jQuery. In fact, jQuery has tons of plugins that can really tweak your browser. There are several kinds of browser tweaks though but we’re going to focus on jQuery browser tweaks since jQuery is our main…

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