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jQuery Extensions – FireQuery

Easy Guide to Install and Use Firebug Introduction: If you’re a web designer or a developer, you probably had the chance to meet the famous firefox plugin called Firebug. To give you glimpse on what is Firebug, it’s a Firefox plugin that helps developers to…

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10 jQuery Browser Tweakers

Tweaking a browser is not a different task for jQuery. In fact, jQuery has tons of plugins that can really tweak your browser. There are several kinds of browser tweaks though but we’re going to focus on jQuery browser tweaks since jQuery is our main…

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Best jQuery Plugins for 2010

jQuery has remarkably made its name through this year. It’s pretty difficult to pick our favorite from these plugins since all of them does a great job. But with all those stuffs used, it’s not impossible for us to remember a single or maybe a…

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jQuery Features For Your Mobile Phone

Breaking news!!! The jQuery Mobile Project have announced the first alpha release of  jQuery Mobile. jQuery Mobile is a user interface framework, built on top of jQuery, designed to simplify the process of building applications that target mobile devices. It’s completely built on the principle…

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jQuery with Ajax and PHP Basics

Ajax offers a great way to work with your interface, and no more waiting for the whole page to load. jQuery has a set of tools to make it simple to apply. This guide will help you to understand on how to use jQuery to…

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