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How To Setup jQuery in 3 Easy Steps

What is jQuery? and how can I start using it? 3 Easy Steps! These instructions are to help all you jQuery newbies out there who might be using jQuery for the first time and are wondering “how do I set jQuery up?”. Well there are…

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jQuery Techniques in Manipulating Data

jQuery’s one remarkable advantage is its data manipulation. Any type of data that needed to be controlled would have a function in jQuery. And what really matters is, jQuery is totally free so the developers are able to use them with ease and of course…

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Improve JavaScript Performance

Well, some of people out there say that avoiding DOM manipulation is a key to speed up javascript performance. Their understanding is pretty skewed. Actually, manipulating elements is really fast until it’s added to the DOM. There’s no need to set aside the wonderful prepend…

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jQuery Add Default Text To Search Input Box

Use jQuery to add default text to your search box. Simple but effective! The text dissapears when you click the search box The text shows as default when the box is empty The box appears shaded and is highlighted whiter when you hover over it…

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jQuery Flash Style Navigation Menu

No this is not flash. It is 100% jQuery! This menu is one of the best jQuery menus I have found and this is how you implement it for your own website! The html is a simple unordered list The css can be customised to…

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