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Fluent 2014, Keynote With Paul Irish

Video Tutorial Details Name Fluent 2014, \”Keynote With Paul Irish\” Description Fluent 2014, \”Keynote With Paul Irish\” Tags Tech Target Skill Level intermediate Author Profile OreillyMedia Published 2014-03-13 23:54:28

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Make Animated Explainer Videos With MakeWebVideo

In all the noise about social media, people sometimes forget the importance of videos in promoting your business. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have their roles but YouTube is none the less popular. It usually trends within the top ten websites on Alexa. Pat Flynn of…

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Good jQuery Plugin Template

This is a good starting point for your next jQuery Plugin. I have created a skeleton example http://jsfiddle.net/jquery4u/kp8bS/ for you to check out on jsfiddle also might be of help to you. jQuery Plugin Template Code /*!   jQuery [name] plugin   @name jquery.[name].js  …

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10 New Random jQuery Plugins February 2014

These plugins are new or have been updated in February 2014. There are some really good ones, ClassyCompare is awesome fun! :) 1. ClassyCompare A jQuery plugin written by Marius Stanciu – Sergiu, a plugin that gives you the ability to compare two images (before…

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jQuery Quiz Questions 1-10

There will be an interactive jQuery quiz released soon in the members section where you can win prizes. In the meantime, here are a few jQuery questions which didn’t make the quiz but I thought it would be nice to share them with you, might…

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