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Get Your FREE jQuery Mobile Website

I am proud to announce a special offer to jQuery 4u blog followers a FREE jQuery Mobile Website build courtesy of jqmbuilder.com. To claim your free build simply click on the discount link below. You will then have 1 FREE build for a jQuery Mobile…

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Top 100 jQuery Plugins of 2012 (part 1/5)

These are the best jQuery plugins of 2012 weighted by popularity, ease of use, documentation, browser compatibility and support amongst many other factors. The final decision of who made the list was made by Sam so ask him if you have any questions. Also some…

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Quick IE7 and IE8 Browser Testing

As we all know testing in IE7 and IE8 can be very exiting! (even at the best of times). I thought I would share a quick way to test if your layouts are broken in IE7 and IE8 if you don’t use a tool or…

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My Top 5 AngularJS Demo Applications

Here are the top 5 demos/apps that I have seen (so far!) which use AngularJS framework. Demos/rankings current as of 16-11-2012. If you haven’t heard of Angular JS before it is a JavaScript Framework which is great for creating dynamic HTML templates which can utilize…

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Do you know what a REST API is?

A quick post to explain what a REST API is and how it can be used. I’m clearly making no assumptions about what you know and this is a very brief explanation of a can be very complex topic. A REST API defines a set…

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