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5 Angular JS Seeds & Bootstrap Apps

In this post you will find 5 Angular JS Seeds and Bootstraps Apps you may want to add to your list for future use. Enjoy =) 1. Official Angular Seed This project is an application skeleton for a typical AngularJS web app. You can use…

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iPad IOS7 Page Jump Fix when keyboard closes

When you click on open space on the ipad the keyboard the page jumps down screen (to try and compensate for the space the keyboard used). This occurs when it wants to keep the input in view when your typing which makes sense and is…

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jquery mobile 2 show loading image on form submit

Sometimes you may want to show the loader and hide as you see fit. I recommend to use the default one instead of adding your own loading image. To show $.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg() To hide $.mobile.hidePageLoadingMsg()

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You Might Not Need jQuery! … assuming this!

You Might Not Need jQuery! … assuming you’ll address these bugs in your hand-written code: docs.google.com/document/d/1LPaPA30bLUB_publLIMF0RlhdnPx_ePXm7oW02iiT6o/edit# … You Might Not Need jQuery! … assuming you'll address these bugs in your hand-written code: https://t.co/j2hrG2nCpX — Paul Irish (@paul_irish) February 7, 2014 :)

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A Better Contact Form: ContactMetrics

If you own a website, then you need a contact form on it. Yes, you can publish your email address directly on your contact page but usually that’s not a good idea. Publishing an email address on a webpage is a direct invitation for bots…

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