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jquery mobile “error loading page” workaround

If your seeing a quick error message popup on the screen when redirecting the page to another (or you might be forcing a reload). Instead of using this: window.location.href = "/"; Use this: $.mobile.changePage(’/', { reloadPage: true, transition: "none"} ); or if that doesn’t work…

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jquery validate date of birth format dd-mm-yy

jquery validation for dob to specific format ie dd-mm-yy $.validator.addMethod("dateFormat",     function(value, element) {         return value.match(/^\d\d?-\d\d?-\d\d$/);     },     "Please enter a date in the format dd-mm-yyyy."); And then on your form add: $(’#myForm’)     .validate({  …

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10 Random jQuery Plugins

In this post you’ll find 10 Random pretty good jQuery Plugins. Hopefully you like them! Some are really worth checking out ;) 1. Select.js It is a Javascript and CSS library for creating styleable select elements. It aims to reproduce the behavior of native controls…

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Smashing Bundle: The Essential Coding for Web Design – only $24!

We’re happy to present a cool offer to our jQuery4u blog readers!¬†Smashing Bundle: The Essential Coding for Web Design – only $24! You get all these awesome books in PDF, ePUB, MOBI for use on the device of your choice! All eBooks are fully¬†searchable and…

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Random Web Dev Finds Jan 2014

Some random web development stuff was found in January 2014. Here are the finds. Enjoy! =) 1. Cleverstack.io A modular way to create your Angular & Node web apps. Source + Demo 2. jQuery++ A MIT licensed collection of extremely useful DOM helpers and special…

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