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6 jQuery Newspaper/Article Type Plugins

I’m sure we all would like to have a pretty unique or a little more “stylish” webpages and website layouts. This is the reason why we are giving you our collection of 6 really cool jQuery Newspaper/Article Type plugins, which we can use to have…

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5 jQuery Mobile Calculation and Calculators

Here’s our collection of 5 pretty neat jQuery Mobile Calculation/Calculators. Some really awesome web apps built only with jQuery and a little bit of PHP, HTML and CSS3. Some really worth checking out! Have fun :) Related Posts: JavaScript Interest Loan Calculator Algorithm Fun JavaScript…

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10 Random Ajax and jQuery Plugins

Today we are sharing you our compilation of 10 Randomly Good Ajax and jQuery plugins for all your web design needs. Really worth checking out! Have fun! Related Posts: jQuery Ajax Validation Use the Remote Rule jQuery Ajax Function Example jQuery’s JSONP Explained with Examples…

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5 jQuery Scrollbar for Mobile Devices

Custom Scrollbar has been popular and because of that we are providing you a list of stylish, flexible and easy to use scrollbar in jQuery which work consistently across all modern browsers and mobile devices. Have fun! Related Posts: 10 jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugins jQuery…

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10 jQuery Flip Effect Plugins

This collection of 10 jQuery Flip Effect plugins make the HTML content and images flip 360 degree and animate them with jQuery and CSS3 transform and rotate. You will probably find these most useful for your portfolio. Enjoy! Related Posts: 15 jQuery Animation Design Plugins…

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